Red Sonja Comic Book Heroine: Everything You Need to Know!

by on May 17, 2017

Red Sonja was a warlike woman who used to live in a Harbour era, a Marvel Comics’s and Dynamite Entertainment’s comic character. The image of Red Sonja was first created by the American comics creator Roy Thomas and an artist Barry Windsor-Smith.

Red Sonja

The name Red Sonja was taken from Robert E. Howard narrative, the main character of which was also named precisely as Red Sonya (in the case of Roy Thomas the letter Y turned into J). In the aforementioned short novel, it is referred to Cossacks fighting with Turkish domination and its main female character was a Ukrainian Cossack-girl accordingly. The main character is originally from Rogatin as well as her main competitress and sister Roksolana, who is a real historical character and sultan Suleyman’s wife so far.

Speaking about the Roy Thomas hero, he created an archetypic image of a warrior woman in a jacketed bikini who became both an example to follow and a figure of fun and mockery. It is also twice told that Roy Thomas chose another red-haired female character Agnes de Castillo by Robert Hogward as Sonja’s prototype.

Paradox Company owning Hogwards legacy rights in 2007 put the matter of paternity rights point-blank. Paradox brought Red Sonja LLC’s case to court for using the name of Hogwards book hero. The case ended with the settlement agreement, upon which Paradox recognized the right of its competitors for trading name Red Sonja.

Sonja first appeared in Marvel comics as a secondary character in 1973. Later on, Marvel launched series of comics about Sonja itself. In 2005 Marvel sold a license for the edition of a graphic novel about Sonja to Dynamite Entertainment, which launched its extensive range of cartoons about the hero.Eventually, Dynamite Entertainment was given a Diamond Comics Distributors award as the best publishing house.

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