Spiderman vs. Hulk Comic: Which One is Better?

by on May 22, 2017

If you are a comics enthusiast, especially marvel heroes, comparing two heroes is an unacceptable thing to do. But have you wondered who is better, Spiderman or Hulk?

Spidey VS Hulk

Let’s break down each of those heroes first

First is spiderman. Personally, I love this dude. Known as Peter Parker to most of his loved ones. Bitten by a species of a spider and TADAH! He got some amazing powers. But what is Spidey’s advantage against the big guy?

Peter’s power includes clinging to most surfaces and of course producing spider webs like a regular spider. He also has an amazing spider sense and superhuman abilities. Using his acrobatic abilities he can transfer from one place to another. Plus of course, he can outsmart most of his enemies. Peter is an accomplished scientist, inventor, and photographer which is normal since Peter is a smart ass.

Spiderman Comic

Now, for the big guy. I’ve known him being the green hero. Born to be Robert Bruce Banner, an intelligent scientist, he became a lab rat of his very own experiment. The Hulk has an incredible strength, his power is limitless. Robert’s anger and stress can awake hulk inside him. Hulk is known to travel extra miles with just a single jump and can pound things and even the solid earth and can create a shock wave that can destroy a lot of properties. If spidey owns the air, hulk is the master of the solid earth.

Even though they are both incredible heroes we can’t ignore the fact that they are both have an interesting love story Spidey or Peter saw his love of his life falling in love and getting married to his cousin while The Hulk has a wife making her his weak spot. With her voice, hulk became Robert again.

Now, who is better?

In my opinion, if this world is really in danger, we both need the smart ass spider and the hero with an anger management issue. How about you? Who is better for you?

4 Best Comic Reader Apps for iPhone and iPad (iOS)

by on May 16, 2017

The variety of reading material available online is huge these days leading to an increase in the online reading community, full of readers that demand and read materials of their liking consistently and continuously. The majority of smartphone owners use their apps as a source of reading material online thus the demand for user-friendly and content full apps has increased. Here’s a list of the top four iOS apps (iphone&ipad) for comic readers;

1. Comics by comiXology

This is a cloud-based digital comics platform that acquires content from over over 100 known publishers such as Marvel, DC Comics and even much more from independent creators all over the world. The app is known for its top two significant features;

-Guided View Technology: It allows users to view the comic on panel by panel basis instead of turning pages and once done it shows the page as a whole enabling the reader to have an immersive reading experience
-Unlimited Mode: Is a form of subscription based unlimited service that will allow the user to access a regularly updated library of comics that are either classic or new at the time.

2. Marvel Unlimited

An excellent app for marvel comics and video games fans out there since this app caters to most of their needs as users are able to access an immense library of over 15,000 marvel comics cataloged for 70 years. Once users are subscribed, they can read as much as they want in any given time of the day as long as they are online thus unlimited.The great futures of this app include;

-Comics load faster and you can read them while they are still loading.
-A marvel unlimited account can be shared between spouses and friends thus you can choose which subscriptions you want to pay for.
-The user can download and store 12 comics on his/her device if there’s going to be no wifi or mobile data.

3. iComics

For users who love apps that meet their demands, iComics is suitable for them as it is the only app present supporting a large number of document formats than any other reader. Readers looking for a versatile and convenient app will love iComics as it boasts customised features for the convenience of the users. It’s highly impressive features include;

– Readers support for right-to-left reading.
– The ability to share over email and printing of individual comic pages.
– Smooth scrolling that allows you to jump comic from comic and scroll pages easily
– Special zoom in feature that allows users to view extra wide layouts as two pages instead of one.

4. Comic Zeal

This app enables users to make their comic reading experience smooth and fast . It excels in enhancing display options for the reader giving him/her the ability to organize comics as wanted and even creating the reading list from the app itself.The most notable features that will amp up your reading experience include;

– Ability to import already digitized files to read in the app (sync PDF, CBR/RAR, or CBZ/ZIP files straight over to Comic Zeal)
– Has an innovative slider, that acts as a pointer, a container, and a toolbox.
-A variety of additional settings for brightness, navigation, and reading