5 Martian Manhunter Facts you probably didn’t know!

by on May 20, 2017

Despite being one of the original seven members of the Justice League, the alien J’onn J’onzz, popularly known as the Martian Manhunter has been greatly underrated. Here are some 5 facts that you probably didn’t know about this DC Comics superhero:


1.) His Origins

J’onn J’onzz, who is the last surviving Martian, has been around for the past sixty two years having made his debut in DC Detective Comics #255 in 1955. Over, the years, he has made numerous appearances in television screens, animated films and video games that have endeared him more to the masses.

2.) He is the most powerful superhero ever.

A closer look at the Martian Manhunter reveals that he is in fact of the strongest superheroes of all time. He has super strength, regenerative healing and flight capabilities just like Superman. Similar to Batman, J’onn J’onzz possesses advanced detective skills and usually goes by the name ‘John Jones’ when on detective duties. He is therefore as a blend of both Batman and Superman.

He also has unique superpowers that are unlike any other superhero. He is a shape shifter who can go invisible and go through objects. His mind is however his most impressive arsenal providing him with a genius intellect which some people fail to recognize it as a superpower! He is also capable of moving objects through telekinesis and is capable of mind reading and mind control through telepathy.

3.) Superman is afraid of him.

Widely considered by most to be the strongest superhero, Superman actually admits to being afraid to face J’onn J’onzz in open combat! He even calls him ‘the most powerful being on the face of the earth.’

Manhunter VS Superman

4.) His only weakness is fire.

Every superhero has a weakness, and fire makes the most powerful being on the face of the earth literally melt. When the Martian is exposed to fire, he goes into a mental frenzy and melts down into pools of liquid.

5.) He is the only person to actually cure The Joker’s insanity.

As a testament to his advanced mind control powers, he actually cured The Joker’s insanity albeit temporarily and made him remorseful for his evil deeds.

6 Best Comic Book Apps for Android in 2017

by on May 14, 2017

Like most businesses, comics are another market that has changed significantly in the course of recent years on account of the advanced upset. In spite of the fact that there is in no way like a physical comic book in your grasp, the advanced side of the comic turns out to be a valuable sidekick for the ownership of comic books and comic books. It could be said, it includes aptitude, offering a unified and simple to-explore and deal with the online accumulation, and also some components that enhance perusing when all is said in done. The following are six best comic book apps for Android.

iPhone Joke Comic

Marvel Comics

With regards to comics, perusers have their inclinations. If you are more persuaded of Marvel, then this might be an application that merits looking at. Wonder Comics resembles a one-time Marvel application with access to more than 13,500 comic books and from all the typical suspects, including Iron Man, Spiderman, Thor et cetera.

CLZ Comics – Comic Database

If you are a more genuine gatherer of comics, CLZ Comics is a fascinating application. This will help you keep the computerized comics track that you have, and compose it. Accordingly, you can enter your comics by name or essentially tie a standardized identification picture. From that point forward, the application will download every one of the spreads, distributer data, and so on. An incredible approach to efficiently track your comic book gathering.


DC Comics

Dialog DC/Marvel, in all likelihood, will proceed regarding the major difference between the primary characters of each camp. If you read more DC comics and incline toward all the more effective or powerful characters, then DC Comics can be your application. Here you will locate a vast choice of comics on Superman, Batman, The Flash, Green Lantern and numerous others. Also, this is another application displayed by ComiXology.


If you are searching for something somewhat different, then LINE Webtoon is constantly worth looking at. This application offers perusers a considerably more assorted determination of comics and those that you are probably not going to discover in the more famous comic applications. Also, the way that here the attention is on free substance.

Astonishing Comic Reader

Next, comes the “Astonishing Comic Reader,” and this is the uncommon Comic Book Reader (CBR), which trusts that you will have the capacity to peruse every one of your comics all around and dependably. The application consequently checks your gadget to discover every one of the comics put away locally, and sort out them searchable. It also accompanies some fascinating extra elements, for example, the capacity to share backdrop that you can use on your gadget.

DC All Access

We as of now have one DC comics on this rundown and this one for the individuals who are occupied with the more extensive DC world. Notwithstanding content on the comic side, this application will give all of you the most recent news about DC all in all. Counting forthcoming motion picture adjustments, amusements and even adaptable substance, for example, a dc console and smiley.