5 Best 144Hz Gaming Monitors You Can Buy Today

by on May 30, 2017

There are different gaming monitors today out there. They vary in terms of features and cost. Due to this, it may not be easy picking the best one that fits your budget and specific requirements. In this guide, we present you the top 5 best 144Hz gaming monitors you can buy today based on their specifications and price:

1. ASUS ROG SWIFT PG278Q 27-inch Monitor



This prides itself as the world’s first gaming monitor with G-Sync technology. It has the NVIDIA G-Sync technology, plus 144hz refresh rate together with 1 ms response time, all these providing the fastest and smoothest gaming experience. It’s one of the best gaming monitors right now on the market. Period.

Its features also include:

  • Turbo Key that allows the refresh rate to 120, 60, or 144hz
  • 2 inputs which can be made from a dual USB 3.0 ports, and a display port.
  • Eye Care Technology plus UTV anti-flicker technology to provide you improved gaming experience.

2. BENQ XL2730Z 27-INCH Monitor


The reduced width and depth of this gaming monitor gives you a closer gaming experience than ever before. This monitor has a quicker 1 ms Gray to Gray (GTG) response time to offer you improved gameplay. It boasts the G-Sync technology. For more information on this adaptive sync technology, read this article: Does AMD Freesync work with Nvidia? It should give you a better understanding between the two top sync technologies on gaming monitors.

Other features include:

  • Motion Blur Reduction Technology provides a blur-free and ultra-smooth gaming.
  • The Adaptive sync technology, Quad HD (QHD) resolution plus 144hz refresh rate offers smoothest and finest display performance
  • The monitor’s color vibration settings, of up to 20 levels, to satisfy your particular viewing experience
  • You are also going to receive more visual clarity in the dark scenes with the Black eQualizer technology




This is the best budget 24-inch gaming monitor possessing 144hz refresh rate. The monitor has a full HD LED backlit and 1920×1080 screen resolution to provide in 2D and 3D brilliant HD visuals.

Other features include:

  • An ergonomic design having adjustment stand plus wall mount capability which offers you a comfortable viewing experience
  • 2 built-in speakers that offers immersive sound experience when gaming
  • You are going to receive the smoothest and quickest visuals with 1 ms Gray to Gray response time and 144hz refresh rate.
  • Capability of connecting multi-device with its dual link HDMI ports, DVI-D, and a DisplayPort

4. ACER GN246HL Bbid 24 Inches 3D Gaming Display


This gaming display, from Acer, is considered the company’s best 144hz gaming monitor. It has a super slim profile together with an x–shaped stand. It’s also eco-friendly and quite affordable.

Other features include:

  • It’s built with 1920×1080 screen resolution that provides perfect details for a full HD gaming
  • Its 1 ms rapid response time provides some immersive graphic experience
  • You may extend your gaming enjoyment with your tablet and smartphone by connecting them via the VGA, HDMI and DVI inputs

5. BenQ ZOWIE 24-inch LED Gaming Monitor

BenQ ZOWIE 24-inch Monitor

This is the first choice for most e-Sport tournament players. Its Black eQualizer technology enhances the visual capability even in the darkest scenes of the game.

Other features include:

  • A stand with height adjustments which lets you set viewing angle as per your comfort
  • Its ZeroFlicker technology permits playing games for some extended time through reducing eye strain
  • It has a response time of 1ms, which offers very fast and smooth visuals
  • It has different input connectors such as headphone jack, HDMI, D-sub, and DVI-DL

Wrapping it Up

The above are some of the best 144HZ monitors you can purchase today, in terms of their different features. While cost is also a determining factor when purchasing a display monitor, what everyone needs is an exciting gaming experience, that the above monitors provide.

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