1. Excellent; I couldn’t agree more. You always sum things up so nicely, Tom. A pleasure to listen to you. A

  2. Nostalgia Googgles

    I don’t think that anime has gotten more ‘sexual’ all of sudden. It’s always been that way. Cream Lemon was an erotic OVA that came out in the, early, 1980s and Cutie Honey has always been naked when she changes. Back in your day, there was a filter. Whoever had access to the stuff just brought in whatever they wanted to see. Way back in the day there was a romantic comedy anime about a high school kid and his friend, a transsexual, the manga also ran in Shonen Jump comics. Also, while Lum did roll around in just a tiger striped bikini, but that was as far back as the 70s. So, from a Japanese POV, sexuality it manga and anime is, really, nothing new. Especially when Shunga, 春画, has existed as far back as the Edo period. Since manga is really nothing more than the evolution of Ukiyo-e (woodblock prints) then, in reality, sexuality has always been an integral part of Japanese anime/manga. It didn’t just pop up from ‘nowhere.’

    I do agree that genres have become more particular in this day and age, but that’s not only limited to anime and anime fans, but music and a lot of other things. It’s just what’s been going on in this new age. The reason there’s so much categories of hentai is because that’s how the porn industry in Japan, actually is. There’s, literally, something for everyone’s taste. That’s how it STILL is today in anime and manga. There’s, literally, something for everyone. That has never changed. Even though big robots aren’t as popular anymore, there’s still plenty of anime with them. Those dark, apocalyptic sci-fi anime OVAs were just that OVAs. Things like that have never been popular with the Japanese as a whole. They, on a whole, prefer family friendly things. At the end of the day, I would argue that there’s way more choices that we, as fans, have today then yesteryear. There’s still a lot of great stuff being produced (way more than in your time), but due to technology we have just as much access to all of the bad shit too.

    As for the conventions, I don’t, necessarily, agree. I see many guys who still ogle and harass girls, but there are also cases of women who harass and ogle men as well. On a whole though, I think that there’s just more respect within the anime con community amongst females and males than there are between the savage uncouth beasts that disguise themselves as male comic fans and the sparse females in the American comic book fandom.

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